After Rejection

I already wrote about my rejection that happened a month ago, but something happened and I thought about talking about it a bit more.  So, a month ago I asked a guy to go to the movies and he said no in a pretty cold way.  He’s in my class and we used to talk a lot, but since then we didn’t talk at all.  For a month, we didn’t say anything to each other, at least not directly.

Yesterday, I was reading and my friend was asking him where he was at in our work for our law class.  I then heard my name and someone asking me where I was in our class.  I looked away from my book and he was looking at me while smiling softly.  I could tell he felt awkward to talk to me but relieved he managed to do it.  I think he tried earlier in the day too, because he came to see me and my friend for a homework.  But, I ignored him.

I was quite surprised, he’s a very shy boy.   But I was happy that he talked to me.  I knew someday I’d have to talk to him again because we’re in the same class.  So I was relieved he did it first.  At the same time, I felt like he was sorry and that he understood that he hurt me.

So when I looked up from my book, I smiled at him and answered him like I would have normally.  Since last month, it was the first time I felt like that.  I wasn’t as stressed or as awkward.  I felt good, relieved.  I don’t know how to explain it, I just felt different.  I wasn’t embarrassed to see him anymore.