Crime books

I have that interest for crimes and killers.  I’ve watched a lot of documentary and TV shows about it.  Then, someone recommended that I read some books.  I thought about it and I went to our school’s small library.  I found a very small section on crimes and murders.  It has about a dozen books in it (not a very big choice).  But I remembered that the person recommended Ann Rule’s books.  And more then half of them were from her,  so I picked one of them.  I was looking in the small section if I could find something else when my friend called my name.  I turned around and she showed me a book about profiling.  It was in the child care section…  I guess someone put it there by mistake.  So I took that one too.  I continued looking at the books, wanting to take them all with me.  So I told myself that I’ll try to read them all by the end of the school year.  I’m thinking about going to the public English library too.  They’ll surely have a lot more choices.  But, I can’t take too much at the same time, so I’ll wait a bit.  But I was very excited to start reading the two books I got.  Even thought I have another book I’m supposed to finish by tomorrow for school..