Serial Killer

I am reading a book about profiling and they were talking about that one Serial killer from South Africa. His name is Stewart Wilken. As a kid, his mom abandoned him with his sister (which she got back later without telling Wilken). His adoptive parents were abominable. They would make him eat in the same bowl as the dog. His adoptive father also made him watch while he was having sex with the dog… And then made him lick off the semen. He also got adopted by the neighbor. She never believed him or took his side while he was getting bullied at school.

He got married twice. He said that his first wife was a slut, whore, etc. he had a daughter from his first marriage: Wuane Wilken. After him and his wife divorced, Wuane told her dad that her stepdad was sexually abusing her. He brought her to a park and inspected her vagina: she wasn’t a virgin anymore. He then killed her, wanting to send her soul to God.

He also killed his second wife’s son, Henry Bakers. He brought the boy to the same park as Wuane. He also killed Henry. And admitted having sex with the decomposing body of Henry. (Disgusting I know)

He killed about 10 known victims. His victims were very interesting. He killed prostitutes, he didn’t hide the bodies at all. He even put them in provocative positions. He felt hate and anger towards them. I guess they reminded him of his first wife who he accused to be a prostitute too.

On the other side, he killed young children, whom he also sodomized. He hide the bodies with leaves, like he was protecting them from being exposed to the world…

Usually serial killers have one kind of victims, like all of them are blondes for example. But Stewart Wilken, he had two very different types of victims.

He think of him as an horrible person, but I can’t stop feeling sorry for him… No one was there for him during his childhood… But he killed all these people without feeling remorse. Necrophilia and cannibalism too…

After reading this, I couldn’t stop thinking about how there is still other people like him outside, people that never got caught. I searched and I found that 40% of murder cases each year are unsolved. I kept thinking that they should be locked up… And this, this made me wanting to help finding these criminals. Now, I’m sure that I will go and study in Forensic sciences. I’m not sure exactly what kind of job I want to do, but DNA analyst interest me a lot.