Crime books

I have that interest for crimes and killers.  I’ve watched a lot of documentary and TV shows about it.  Then, someone recommended that I read some books.  I thought about it and I went to our school’s small library.  I found a very small section on crimes and murders.  It has about a dozen books in it (not a very big choice).  But I remembered that the person recommended Ann Rule’s books.  And more then half of them were from her,  so I picked one of them.  I was looking in the small section if I could find something else when my friend called my name.  I turned around and she showed me a book about profiling.  It was in the child care section…  I guess someone put it there by mistake.  So I took that one too.  I continued looking at the books, wanting to take them all with me.  So I told myself that I’ll try to read them all by the end of the school year.  I’m thinking about going to the public English library too.  They’ll surely have a lot more choices.  But, I can’t take too much at the same time, so I’ll wait a bit.  But I was very excited to start reading the two books I got.  Even thought I have another book I’m supposed to finish by tomorrow for school..


No one in my class read big books

I feel like I’m writing a lot today…

Anyway, my brother wanted a book to read so I told him to look trough my book shelf.  He took a book for 8 years old kid, but he’s 12…  I told him he should read bigger books, or one more appropriate for his age.  It would be a lot more interesting.  And he replied with ” No one in my class read big books.”  He reads book that are 100-200 pages but when I was it age…  It had been 1-2 years since I started reading books with over 500 pages.  I think it’s ridiculous, for a smart kid like my brother to read books based on what his classmates read.  He won’t find that book interesting, I know it.  Why?  Because I know what he likes and what kind of person he is.  He already tried reading from that collection and didn’t like it…

But because others didn’t read bigger books, he won’t either.  And my brother, he’s smart.  I’m not just saying that because he’s my brother…  You guys should hear him talk about dinosaurs…  He bought many books about them, and he memorized about everything.  He had that passion for dinosaurs.  I know he still likes them a lot, he has a book about them on his desk.  He wanted to become an archaeologist.  I support him, he’d be a good one.  But he started following the others.  He likes to read and I’ve seen him looking at bigger books.  But he never touched them.  Because he thought he was too young, that others didn’t read that.  Not because he didn’t find them interesting…  When I was younger, everyone wanted to read the big ones.  They thought it made them look more mature and they’d look smart.  Now, people seem to want the smaller books, because they’re faster to read.

I might go and look for a book more appropriate for his age, one that I think he’d like.

Lost in an imaginary world

For our English class, we have to do a book report.  I’m not such a fan of presenting in front of the class or read a mandatory book, but I still like it.  Why?  Because it puts me in the mood to read.  I atually love to read.  Thought I find it hard to find a good book.  So for this book report, I picked up a book I had in mind last year for another book report but finally didn’t choose for an unknown reason, called Blacklands.  It’s basically the story of a young boy who writes a letter to a child molester/serial killer to find the body of his uncle that was killed at the age of 11 (not sure about the age).  Hoping that the discover of the body would make his grandmother happier and that she would treat him and his brother better.


I like it a lot even if I haven’t read a lot.  I was also thinking about other books to read.  I’m really interested in The Faults in our stars, Between the devil and the deep blue sea, I am not a serial killer, two boys kissing and another book that I can’t remember right now…


Anyway, do you guys like to read?  What’s on your “to read” list!?