School organization + study tip

I decided to make a school organization post, because it seems that not a lot of people actually organize their school stuff.  Now, I am a lazy person that doesn’t really work and study much, but I still do have good grades because I know how I should study.  This is more for high school (because I am an high school kid) but maybe some of these tips might help you…  I’ll start with organization tips and then talk about how I study.

1.Planner, everyone will tell you the same thing, bring a planner.  I do use mine when I have a lot of things to do, but that’s pretty rare so I often forget it in the bottom of my book bag.  It’s useful, you can write your homeworks, the things you need to study, upcoming tests, etc.  If you know you can remember everything, maybe you don’t need one.  For example, I have 5 classes only per semester and the teachers don’t give us a lot of homework (except in math), actually they practically don’t give us any.  And 2 of my classes are online, so I don’t really need to use my planner.  But I like to use it for upcoming tests, projects due to a certain date, etc.  You really can use your planner the way it works for you and what you need it for.  Though, I do recommend using highlighters.

2.Binders! Binders, binders, binders.  People don’t like them… But they are so useful and I love them!  So I recommend them and I think they are very important.  So, in high school, you have a locker.  Don’t tell me binders are too heavy, you only need to walk from your class to your locker with it.  Take the size you need, not what the school asks.  I usually get 1.5 inches for mines.  Use one binder per class, it keeps you organized and you don’t need to bring two classes with you all the time.  One per class is fine, and it keeps it all clean.  In it, put separators and paper. All the things you’ll need for you class.  I also put the things for when you rip the holes in your pages by accident, because I always rip them.  Anyway, this brings me to my third tip…

3.Bring paper.  That is the stupidest thing ever, not having paper at school.  I don’t even need to explain why.

4.For taking notes, I prefer to use notebooks.  It’s simple, I have all my notes for that class together.  If I need to study, no loose papers everywhere, just one simple notebooks.  I usually take the 100 pages one, because that’s usually the space I need.  If you write a lot, just take a bigger one.

5.Post-its, they make everything so easy to find.  An important page? Got it.  I buy post-it tabs too, they are useful and I use them a lot.

6.Pencils, pens, eraser, sharpener, etc.  Another obvious one, bring the things you need.  If you have normal pencils, bring a sharpener!  Bring an eraser, cuz you will make mistakes!  Think about these kinds of things.  They are too many people in this world asking if someone has a pencil.

Now, for how I study…  I’m lazy and don’t like to study, I actually study rarely.  I had a test today and I started studying yesterday (I did get a 100%).  I usually summarize my notes, take out the information I don’t need and put them in my own words.  Not only does it help to understand better your notes, but it also makes you study without studying at the same time.  I remember easily if I summarize my notes and study from them.  The only class I actually study a long time before the test is science.  I like science so I don’t get as bored as with French for example.  I start a week before the test, summarize my notes and read them everyday. BAM! 96% of average on your report card for science!  I also like to use flashcards for History and Geography.  Now, people always say to sit properly, be sure there is no distraction… blah, blah, blah.   I’ll study with my feet on the table or laying down in my bed if I want to.  I like to study that way, it keeps me relaxed and I’m a person full of stress.  How about distractions?  I study with music (classic, pop, rock, whatever you want, though I feel like classical music keeps me a lot more concentrate for longer periods of time (like studying 6 hours straight, yes I did.  My mom told me I could stay home a day if I got 99% or more on my science test.  Guess who slept all day?), rock is also nice.  I also study with my facebook or youtube open or whatever.  It takes me out of my study for a minute or two and I’m ready to study again!  Just don’t abuse it.


Dealing with emotions

I’ve never been the type of person to be open about myself. I keep lots of secrets and hide my emotions. I was coming to write about people in general and attachment to them and I found an article about emotions so I thought I might do a bit of both: relationship and emotions.

Firstly, I’ve changed schools often; the longest I’ve stayed at the same school was 3 years and I had one “close friend” that kept leaving me alone for her boyfriends. I didn’t really have friends… I hated most of them. I changed school almost every 2 years after that, for different reasons: moving, advanced school… Anyway, I’ve never made a close friend and my family (grandparents, aunts, uncles- not my parents or siblings) were rarely present. So things like missing someone for a weekend or even the thought of having a boyfriend is foreign to me. Though I did make a real best friend, maybe because we think alike… Without her, I’d be alone. Which I don’t want to be, because then I’d be a loser. Kids can be mean… I’m kind of weird with relationship, it’s something I don’t really understand. My friend, she’s there so I’m not judged for being alone, she’s there so I can reassure myself I’m normal, someone to discuss things with me, though she doesn’t always understand what I’m talking about. I don’t understand friends that hug each others after not seeing each other for a weekend… I don’t understand touching people. I don’t even like it, it doesn’t even feel good. Why would you want someone touching you? I get annoyed by people a lot; when they make noise with their mouths, when they breath to loud, when they laugh too loud, when they smell bad, when they don’t respect your bubble/privacy, and the list could continue. I’m getting weird feelings about everything. I always change: I don’t want to see anybody to a point that I hate the human species to wanting to help them and missing my grandmother.

For the emotions and feelings, I’ve never been good with them. I can’t tell at all in a reading comprehension what the character is feeling. I try to answer and something that would have been surprised might turn into curiosity for me. Maybe because I think differently then a lot of people… I don’t know, I always react differently… Psychology is complicated and I can never understand it. I prefer science and analyzing. I’m good at reading real people though. I can tell if they’re lying and make them reveal the truth. I’m good with psychology in a way.

My whole person is a contradiction. It’s almost as if I’m two person. I don’t know if that’s just because I’m weird and odd or because I’m a teenager…

Serial Killer

I am reading a book about profiling and they were talking about that one Serial killer from South Africa. His name is Stewart Wilken. As a kid, his mom abandoned him with his sister (which she got back later without telling Wilken). His adoptive parents were abominable. They would make him eat in the same bowl as the dog. His adoptive father also made him watch while he was having sex with the dog… And then made him lick off the semen. He also got adopted by the neighbor. She never believed him or took his side while he was getting bullied at school.

He got married twice. He said that his first wife was a slut, whore, etc. he had a daughter from his first marriage: Wuane Wilken. After him and his wife divorced, Wuane told her dad that her stepdad was sexually abusing her. He brought her to a park and inspected her vagina: she wasn’t a virgin anymore. He then killed her, wanting to send her soul to God.

He also killed his second wife’s son, Henry Bakers. He brought the boy to the same park as Wuane. He also killed Henry. And admitted having sex with the decomposing body of Henry. (Disgusting I know)

He killed about 10 known victims. His victims were very interesting. He killed prostitutes, he didn’t hide the bodies at all. He even put them in provocative positions. He felt hate and anger towards them. I guess they reminded him of his first wife who he accused to be a prostitute too.

On the other side, he killed young children, whom he also sodomized. He hide the bodies with leaves, like he was protecting them from being exposed to the world…

Usually serial killers have one kind of victims, like all of them are blondes for example. But Stewart Wilken, he had two very different types of victims.

He think of him as an horrible person, but I can’t stop feeling sorry for him… No one was there for him during his childhood… But he killed all these people without feeling remorse. Necrophilia and cannibalism too…

After reading this, I couldn’t stop thinking about how there is still other people like him outside, people that never got caught. I searched and I found that 40% of murder cases each year are unsolved. I kept thinking that they should be locked up… And this, this made me wanting to help finding these criminals. Now, I’m sure that I will go and study in Forensic sciences. I’m not sure exactly what kind of job I want to do, but DNA analyst interest me a lot.